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Don't throw it, sell it.

ScrapKaroCash is a product of  Cleanyug Scrap Management Private Limited company that helps Industries, hospitals, business establishments and common people to sell their scrap. This Startup is recognized by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion under the Start-up India initiative launched by Central Government. This startup is inspired by Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and Digital India Initiative.


ScrapKaroCash-best online scrap selling company in India, is an innovative organization, which provides the facility of scrap collection at your doorstep. An online platform, we make selling scrap an exciting activity by providing you with the opportunity to earn handsome money. This service will be accessed by different mobile application platform like IoS, Android Play store and through the website, scrapkarocash works in a professional manner and provides a solution to all scrap related problems to meet our customer’s expectations.

Smart City

As the population is increasing in urban areas of India it becoming the biggest challenge for city management to control traffic & waste generation in cities. The company is developing some models for smart cities like parks, traffic systems, waste management systems for making easy management for the city corporations.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

62 million tonnes of waste is produced every year in India and only 22% of that recycled and 70% of this waste goes to landfills area. we need a proper management of such waste to increase recycling in India. The Company is contributing to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by collecting scrap from different places soon we will launch our services to common people and societies to collect their scrap.

Digital India

ScrapKaroCash is providing their services to customers through various digital platforms and supporting Digital India Initiative. This service can be easily accessed by the user through any device which has internet access. The user can also opt to get payment digitally with this service.


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