Corporate Tie up

Don't throw it, sell it.

At ScrapKaroCash we provide structured scrap collection facility to almost every sector of society and that very much includes corporate offices and institutional organizations.  We urge and extend our arms to welcome private and public sector businesses to join us in our environmental friendly undertaking.

Organizations that are looking to dispose of or sell their bulk scrap materials can approach us for quick and hassle-free pick-up service. Not only we pick-up the unwanted scrap from organizations, we pay an attractive amount for it as well.

So, to ensure that your scrap or unused material generate best returns you can simply tie up with Scrapcarocash. We aid you in savouring the online scrap pick- up service and make sure that you embark on a journey of effectively reducing the accumulation of waste materials.

Services that we provide to our corporate clients

  • Monthly/Weekly scrap pickup.
  • Electronic waste management.
  • On time payment & billing.
  • Recycling of segregated waste.
  • Waste collection and sustainability report preparation.



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