Don't throw it, sell it.

From whom do you collect scrap?

We collect scrap from industrial units, business establishments, corporate societies, hospitals, households etc.

What type of scrap do you collect?

We collect all type of recyclable and reusable scrap which you might find useless but we not only collect it also provide our best value for it.

What do you do with my scrap?

we send your scrap to the recycling plants where they create something useful out of your scrap.

I am not sure about my scrap, it is not listed on your rate card.

No worries, you can send a picture of your scrap at the end of sell your scrap now form. We will look into your stuff and tell you about it.

When will I get cash?

You will get cash on the spot. The dealer will able to leave your premises once he pays the value of your scrap.